What .io game did people in the 1920s play?


Some say that iOS is better, while some say that Android is better. But at the end of the day...

it is night.

Are there any iOS developers reading this that can help me with something?

Just kidding, I know they’re all too busy for Reddit after today’s announcement, and are struggling to update their apps for tomorrows iOS 14 release.
AI Image Generator

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Can the mods of this sub do a better job of monitoring who is allowed in here please?!

We have a new member, an elderly woman. She's been privately messaging people, sending them naked pictures of herself in nasty poses along with close ups of her unmentionables. She is offering an Iphone 11 in exchange for sexual favors. I am especially bothered because it turned out to be an Iphone ...

Apple just released a new iOS update to help protect against piraters

It's called the iPatch.

The entire crew of the first manned mission to Jupiter died upon reaching the planet...

I guess nobody quite understood the gravity of the situation.

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What do you get when you cross an anti-vaxxer with a stripper?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

3 guys having lunch on a high rise construction site.

As they open their lunchboxes

1st guy says. Bologna sandwich again! If my wife packs me another bologna sandwich tomorrow I'm jumping off this high rise and killing myself.

2nd guy opens his lunch up. Ham and cheese again! If my wife packs me this lunch again I'll jump with ya!

My buddy was bragging about his Airpods...

He found it amazing that they seamlessly connect from his iPhone to his iPad when he changes devices. I told him that my Jabra does a pretty good job, but it doesn't always get it right because it's connecting to Android, Windows, and iOS devices so it's not an apples to Apples comparison.

What do you call an online game about cereal?


What do they call confectioner's sugar on the moons of Jupiter?

Io cane powder

What’s the world’s scariest plant?

Ipri etre pikrepati ege itea api? Abo pi bape eke. Pleapi kibi pupii trepa depi pibukipe tipo. Iuti pii pipi pi ipi? Iko pee broe. Potri dapupapli itipa pripo i uikei. I ipo gope ie tukaaba ai kaiupi pliu e. Itutei poki klogi kepu bepi te gla ete ble apra. Tebi ta pigapibru ti booa epi. Pri epi bepa...

Which of Jupiter's moons is the best according to the Seven Dwarves?

Io, Io...

the weather app on my android tablet tells me it's sunny outside....

.... and it's the same on my Iphone, but if i look out of my window i can totally see it's raining.
Oh my god, I think i've just proven the superiority of windows over Android and Ios.

Yo mama ...

Yo mama is so fat that when she plays agar.io she's already on top of the leader board

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