What's the difference between Trump and a single cell organism? l.

Single cell organisms have a wall

Is biology the study of living organisms...

Or just two ology's..

How do you transport a multi-celled organism?


Known as the "one-day insect" the Mayfly has the shortest lifespan of all organisms...

But it still lives longer than my headphones.

The drone on Mars ran over a feline organism.

That's right - Curiosity killed the cat

I once dated a biologist.

I don't like to brag, but I always provided her with multiple organisms to keep her happy.

When two organisms mutually benefit, it's called "symbiosis"

When only one organism benefits, it's called "parasitism." When neither benefits, that's called "marriage."

The drunk and the lecture

A drunk is approached by the police at 3 in the morning:

The cop asks:

-Where are you going in that state, at this time?

The drunk answers:

-I am going to a lecture about alcohol abuse and its lethal effects on the organism, the bad example, the nefarious consequences to ...

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

Two idiots, Timmy and Tommy, are in a bar discussing how to make babies.

"My wife and me been trying to have a baby, but no luck yet." Says Timmy. "But we're trying everday."

"It doesn't work if you put it in her butt. Sure you doing the sex right?" Tommy asks.

"Yeah, I know how to make sex, I'm not a moron. Ya stick your man stick in her lady hole until y...

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

A List of AP Botany Puns

Last semester I dicked around in AP Botany instead of listening to some stupid lecture senior year and came up with an extensive list of bad botanical puns and play on words. Enjoy!

How do trees hook up when they’re looking to have fun

What is a trees favorite social media we...

A research group was engaged in a study..

A research group was engaged in a study of longevity in mammals and had recently focused their attention on a particular species of porpoise, which they studied from their floating laboratory off the coast of Baja Mexico. They came to believe that, if fed just the right combination of nutrients, thi...