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What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?

You get what you fucking deserve! *BANG*

A psychiatrist goes into a room full of mentally ill people to check if some of them have become sane...

He takes a whiteboard pen and draws a door on the wall.

He says: "Those of you who think they are sane can now leave the psychiatry by using this door. All the people jump up from their chairs and furiously try to open the door - everybody but one.

The psychiatrist is relieved to see t...

How do you repair a relationship between two mentally ill people?

Crazy Glue...

I'm old enough to remember when we put the mentally ill in hospitals.

Not the White House.

My mother took to me one of those buildings where they take the mentally ill.

A church.

If you hear a supernatural voice in your head telling you to destroy statues of the Ten Commandments, you might be mentally ill.

But if the voice tells you to create them instead, you might be Moses.

In Germany it's common for mentally ill patients to be committed to least ten different facilities.

They're in-zehn asylums.

Did you know the original programmer of Oregon Trail was beaten to death by mentally ill Discworld fan?

He died of dissin' Terry.

What do you call a mentally ill person without arms and legs?

Call him whatever you want, its not like he's gonna get up and do anything about it.

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A bunch of mentally ill people get on a plane

A bunch of mentally ill people get on a plane. They create havoc and so much noise. The pilot wants a little quiet. He goes to check out the plane and sees them playing except one person. This person was minding his business and appeared professional. The pilot explained the situation and told him t...

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How come when batman dons a suit of armor and beats up mentally ill clowns its "Heroic" but when I do it I'm "Committing manslaughter" and I'm "Not allowed in McDonalds again’? Its bullshit!

A sixteen year-old boy came home with a brand new Ford F150.

His parents look at the truck and ask, "Where did you get that truck?!"

"I bought it today," he says.

"With what money?" says his mother.

They knew what a new F150 cost.

"Well," he says, "this one cost me just fifteen dollars."

The father looks at him like he's ...

A new doctor at a mental asylum decided to conduct a test

The objective of this test is to determine if those patients are truly mentally ill or not.

He handled patients in groups of three. He puts them in a room and draws a door on a board infront of them. Then he tells them that there is feast behind the door so he can see their reactions.


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Mickey and Minnie Mouse get a divorce

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are in court trying to settle the terms of their divorce, and the judge says, "Mr. Mouse, you say you are divorcing your wife because she is crazy, but I see no reason to believe your wife is mentally ill!" Mickey replied, "I didn't say she was crazy; I said she was fucking G...

Person 1: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Person 2: Why did it?

Person 1: Because he wanted to visit his friend, who is mentally ill.

Person 2: Oh how sad

Person 1: Ok then. Knock Knock.

Person 2: Who's there?

Person 1: The chicken

I'm getting really sick of all this hate for Donald Trump.

It isn't nice to make fun of mentally ill people.

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