I wished everyone a Happy Memorial Day..

None of them responded

The new backyard grill I got for Memorial Day weekend is actually assembled in America...

The box of components are imported, but I had to put it together myself in my garage.

Any tips / ideas on what to do for memorial day?

I forgot what to do

In reminiscence of the Tiananmen Square protests, China is introducing a new memorial day:

Happy Tanksgiving!

What's the best part about having Memorial Day off?

3 straight days without a school shooting.

A week before Memorial Day, kids bring pictures of veteran family members to school for show and tell.

First up was Mary. "My daddy served in Afghanistan. He was a paratrooper."

"A paratrooper?" Asked the teacher, who was awed.

"Yes, please look closer -- you can see his jump badge."

Second was Joe. "My granny served in Vietnam. She was a doctor."

"A doctor?" Asked the tea...

I worked in one of those creepy ice cream vans over Memorial Day weekend, and I must say, they really do work. I raked in the Benjamins.

Also got a couple Jacobs and Timothys as well.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A joke for Memorial Day!

At a 10 year high school reunion, a serviceman and a lawyer walk into the men's room. After using the urinal, the serviceman zips up and heads for the door. The young lawyer while using the sink states "wow, had you gone to college maybe you would have learned to wash your hands!"

The service...

A guy goes to a psychiatrist

A guy goes to a psychiatrist seeking help dressed in nothing but food plastic wrap.
The doctor looks the man up and down and says "well...I can clearly see your nuts!

Sorry if this is a repost..heard it a few years back and remembered it tonight. Have a good day guys and enjoy your day...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The train was quite crowded and a U. S. Marine walked...

The train was quite crowded and a U. S. Marine walked the
entire length looking for a seat.

There seemed to be one
next to a well-dressed French woman, but when he got there,
he saw it was taken by the woman's poodle.

The war-weary
Marine asked, "Ma'am, may I have tha...

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