What do jokesters eat for breakfast?


Where do jokesters go after they get arrested?

The punitentiary

What do you call a dog ,with one eye, and one leg?

In loving memory of my father who was the biggest jokester, until his very last days, all he wanted to ,do was make others laugh.
He wanted us to put a fart machine in his casket and let them blow, my mom wouldn't allow it...

Gravity, the greatest jokester

Always trying to pull down your pants

A jokester walks up to a drink stand...

He asks "Do you guys wanna hear a joke?"
The volunteers at the stand say, "Sure, just get in the line of your desired drink and we'll be listening." He complys and starts walking towards the end of the line and starts his joke: "A jokester walks up to a drink stan--" and then out of nowhere he g...

UK /r/jokesters, tell me the most British joke you can think of.

The less my American brain can comprehend it, the better!

Petition to change "readers" to "Jokesters"

Readers just isn't appropriate for this sub-reddit, c'mon guys.
For those who have no idea what I am talking about, you can change this: http://i.imgur.com/uoRoH.jpg

Jokester City!

What do you call a fake noodle?

An Impasta!

Why I Consider Myself A Jokester

Jokes are much more acceptable in society than moles.

This one is special to me. My grandfather was a jokester all his life. About a month after he died, I had a lucid dream where I was talking to him, and imagined him telling me one last joke:

Me: "Pop pop, what is the afterlife like?"

Him: "It's hot."

In Soviet Union a Screwdriver is not Orange Juice with Vodka...

It’s Vodka with Orange Juice

(Jokester’s Note: Russian Vodka is the best in the world regarding to taste, which inspired me to make this joke, love y’all(as far as a westerner goes))

Why did the grain of rice wet himself?

A jokester made him 'pilaf'

What is the punchline to this joke my daughter's Fozzie Bear toy says?

My daughter has a muppet babies Fozzie Bear talking toy.

He says numerous phrases including singing the muppet babies theme song and who could forget his memorable catch phrase "wakka wakka"

But then, being the jokester he is, says this:

"Did you ever hear the one about the ba...

Red Car Day

Red car day - in Honor of my Dad

My dad died 7 years ago. He was a worker in a factory in NYC during the by-gone, post-war era when times were good and jobs were plenty. The guys he worked with were all good friends over the years and enjoyed harmless pranks against one another to pass the ti...

What jokes can I tell my girlfriends dad

My girlfriends dad is a jokester and likes to tell jokes at the dinner table, he asks me if I know any jokes but I never do. Any help here reddit? Something that is funny and appropriate. But nothing that asks a question, preferably a story type joke

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

One day an atheist goes hunting in the woods

It's a very uneventful morning when he finally comes across the perfect shot. He loads his weapon, undoes the safety, and lines up his sight. To his surprise, all of a sudden a bear appears in his scope point blank. The bear pulls its claw back ready to slice the atheist open when he cries out, "oh ...

I googled your mom and got a virus.

For all the "your mom" jokesters out there. Just made that one up.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

There was a little boy named Buttitches

His very first day at school the teacher asks him what his name is.

"What's your name?"


"Haha, very funny, what is your name?"


"Listen child, tell me your real name or I'm sending you to the principal."



While we're on the subject of Russian jokes...

Here's one I have heard about the gulag. A little background: many jokesters ended up doing time in Siberia, and obviously couldn't be heard telling jokes while they were there. So, they invented a system where each joke was identified by a designated number.
Let's call [this joke](http://www.red...

Need a good joke for a presentation

I'm in a toast-masters-like public speaking class and for an upcoming class, I have to be a 'jokester' and tell a joke before I do my little talk. I'll be browsing through this subreddit for ideas, but if you all have any that goes well in front of a small audience in person, please share!

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