Megaman and bass get into a fight, and megaman is winning.

Megaman and bass get into a fight, and megaman is winning.

Bass says "why dont you kill me"

Megaman says "killing isn't my forte"

I'm good at playing loud on the trumpet, guitar, and drums.

But piano was never really my forte.

I guess you could say playing quietly.......

Just isnt my forte

I can't play loud music on any instrument.

It's just not my forte.

Why did the musician never play quietly?

Pianissimo wasn't his forte.

What did the pianist’s mother say after playing the piano too loud?

Hey that isn’t forte, that’s a piano.

I was searching for my kia,

But it’s not my forte .

All my friends say that I play the piano very loudly, and I agree with them.

Because after all, that is my forte.

I used to misread music a lot

I guess you can say that wasn't my forte

...I wanted to design defensive structures for the city....

as it turns out, not my Forte.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So my teacher asked why I was failing my loud music class...

I told him the subject just wasn't my forte

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