terminateconceiveejectmiscarryendterminationconclusionexpirepass awaydieperishexpelscuttlehijackstillborn

I saw a lady protesting at the capital grounds with a sign that read " vaccines contain aborted fetus' "

I couldn't believe it, how can she be protesting something like that I thought.

I marched right up to her and said "you think that's bad? Johnson and Johnson makes organic baby oil"

Why can't you fool an aborted fetus?

Because it wasn't born yesterday

Ted Cruz has aborted his campaign

..but I say he should be forced to carry it to full term

What do they call aborted fetuses in Prague?

Cancelled Czechs.

A pro life advocate asked me how I’d feel if I was aborted

I wouldn’t.

My parents tried to get me aborted

But the doctor said 18 years was too late

My cousin recently had her baby aborted.

Such a shame, could have met my future first cousin once removed.

I couldn't decide whether to use a boat or go swimming, so i aborted my plans.

It was a case of row versus wade

Twenty years ago my mother almost aborted my brother. Yesterday he died in a fight with a cloakroom attendant.

The coathanger still got him in the end.

If you're a scam artist, you should probably never go for an aborted fetus

After all, they weren't born yesterday.

Why don't aborted babies understand jokes?

It doesn't get the delivery

What do you call an aborted baby

Spawn Kill

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