What do you call an uprooted tree?

A transplant.

There was a hunter who lived alone in the middle of the forest, in a small house by the river..

A short distance down a slope in front of his house, he had a garden where he would grow vegetables to supplement his diet of forest game and fish.

One morning, he awoke to the sounds of a thunderstorm and rushing water. Quickly getting dressed and stumbling outside, he saw the river ...

An old cowboy from Texas recently heard that Alaska was the largest state

So he decided to uproot himself and move up to Alaska, to toss away the moniker of a cowboy and become a real Alaskan. He sold everything he owned, drove up to Alaska, and purchased some property.

After living there for a while, he knew he wasn’t quite an Alaskan, so he trekked down to the l...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

OK,where is it?

This guy is checking out of his hotel when suddenly he has to take a shit real bad, so goes to the lobby men's room, but its closed for cleaning, Angry, so he runs back up to his room, and the maids are cleaning there. In desperation he finds an empty hall, uproots a plant and shits in the pot. Puts...

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