eradicateuprootdestroyextirpatekillannihilatekill offeradicationslayexterminationdestructdecimateassassinateenslavepersecute

If you could exterminate any race what would you pick?

Personally, Iβ€˜d get rid of the 800m. Itβ€˜s too long to be considered a sprint and not long enough to really be long distance.

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Did you know the Nazis had a plan to exterminate cats?

Hitler called it off because he was a pussy

What do you call a plan to exterminate Hipsters?

The Vinyl solution.

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All anti-semites

Young Isaac knocks on his boss's door.
Boss: "come in!, yes Isaac what can i do for you?"
Isaac: "I can't work here anymore! I quit! Everyone who work here is anti-semite!"
Boss: "What? What are you talking about? I guess there might be one or two, but everyone? come on, it's ridiculous!"...

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A man catches his Jewish friend reading an anti-Semitic newspaper.

"Rabinowitz!" He says, "You're reading an anti-Semitic newspaper! How could you?"

"Oh, it's very simple," he replies. "At first I read Jewish newspapers, but they were so depressing! 'Everyone wants to exterminate the Jews!' 'Antisemitism and oppression all around!' So many problems, so much ...

A joke told by my racist Grandfather.

In the city of Vienna Austria, there was a growing rat population which was causing damage to the community. The mayor or Vienna was stumped on how to exterminate such a large quantity of rats, so he broadcast over the radio, that anyone able to get rid of all the rats, would be rewarded 1 million s...

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