The clinic where I had my recent testicular cancer exam called me and asked, “Did you get our email?” Rather alarmed, I exclaimed, “No! What should I do!?" They replied...

“You better check your junk.”

Did you hear about the testicular cancer survivor who won the lottery?

...when he found out, the guy went nut.

Treating testicular cancer..

takes balls.

I saw a sign that said Beat Testicular Cancer!

I thought to myself maybe "Beating" it, was the problem to start with.

They didn’t remove the right one.

Request: Little brother was just diagnosed with testicular cancer. Lefty is a goner, but as the older brother, I feel the obligation to have some good jokes ready to help him feel better. Unfortunately the title is as good as funny as I get, so please help a brother out. Thanks.
Edit he’s in his ...


Doctor: Sir...

Trans patient: It's Ma'am!

Doctor: Ma'am, you have testicular cancer.

Dr: Sir, I have some bad new for you.

Trans woman: uhm excuse me, I am a woman!

Dr: ah ok ma'am, you have testicular cancer.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A family of four sits down to dinner.

The son is fifteen years old and the daughter is thirteen. The mother is a school teacher and the father is an obstetrician. They say a quick prayer, and start eating.

The father starts telling his wife about an interesting new study he was reading about, suggesting a surprisingly strong corr...

Last week a young boy saved a priests life in the United States...

... he discovered the priest had early stage testicular cancer...

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "why the long face?"

To which the horse replies "I have testicular cancer".

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