This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Things I hate intestinal tumors, colostomy bags, chemotherapy

Edit: quit telling me I'm missing a colon. I fucking know

What type of doctor treats tumors and is available 24/7?

An Oncallogist

I don’t know why people are afraid of tumors.

In time, they’ll just grow on you.

Children are like Tumors...

They cost a lot of money to deal with, but eventually they grow on you.

I like my tumors like I like my bingo numbers...


I used to hate tumors

But then they grew on me

What do you call a doctor who studies tumors on an as-needed basis?

An oncallogist

I have this friend who had cancer. In the process of cure and after he got released, he said his life was completely changed.

You know what they say about tumors. They really grow on you.

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