What do you call a steam engine that transports low purity meth?

Thomas the Crank Engine

What is the different between the original steam engine and the improved one


A steam engine wont work if you insult it.

Because it has high self eSTEAM.

Why do metalheads like steam engines so much?

They do a lot of chugging.

I filled a steam engine with Holy Water.

The Power of Christ Propels You!
The Power of Christ Propels You!
The Power of Christ Propels You!

How did Thomas the Tank become a faster steam engine?

He trained.

One day the famous inventor Thomas Newcomen sits in a pub, crying.

Someone comes up to him and asks him what's wrong. Thomas stifles a sob and says, "Someone made a steam engine that's better than mine."

The guy asked him, "What are you talking about?"

Thomas replies, "Precisely."

What do you call an emotional train?

A self-steam engine.

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