My eldest put together a Dora joke

When my two younger sons were in the toddler to kindergarten age, they loved watching Dora the Explorer. Episode after episode. My wife & I found it very cute.

My eldest found it quite annoying. But he was a teenager then.

He came up with a Dora joke after a weekend of 500 (just...

I just started going for a sniper training course

My trainer told me that sniping is like programming, you gotta C#.

A priest was hitchhiking in the middle of the night

A guy with a Mercedes stopped and picked him up. They started heading to town. After a while the priest asks:
-What is that star on the front used for?
And the driver jokingly replied:
-That? Oh, it's a crosshair for sniping bicyclists.
The priest didn't reply.

As they were head...

What does Dora say in Iraq?

Sniper no Sniping

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