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Peter confesses to his friend that he had sex with his sister in law

" Well it was in the evening" says Peter " I dropped by my sister in law's to say hello. Suddenly it started to rain. I hadn't brought an umbrella then. Neither did she have one to lend. The rain was pouring and then it happened.

His friend says" Well if it had happened only once, maybe it'...

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I told my sister in law I was telekinetic and could move things without touching then and she bet me it wouldn’t work on her breasts

and oh boy was she right

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Last week I fucked my sister in law

This week I fucked my brother in geography

I asked my sister in law (she's a nurse) why she always carries a red pen with her.

She tells me...
Oh it's in case I have to draw blood.

I'm talking to my daughter, sister in law and my dad just now. SIL: Have you ever had a pedicure? Daughter: oh yeah I have. Me: I've given her a pedicure before.

Dad: so I guess you could call yourself a... pediphile.

*Ugh* thanks dad.
And yes this actually just happened.

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My wife’s sister visited us yesterday in her brand new Porsche. Astonished, my wife asked her “How could you afford this?!”

“You know, a blow job every now and again makes my husband very generous!” she replied.

Surprised, my wife turned to me and winked, “I think I’ll start doing that.”

“Me too!!” I replied, turning to my sister in law. “What’s your husband’s number!?”

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A kiwi walks into a bar in the US

And as he orders a beer the bartender noticed a bit of an accent and asks the man where he is from:

Kiwi: “I’m from New Zealand”

Batman: “oh hey, wow, I had a chap in here last month. His name was Fred Dagg from Te Awamutu. Do you know the guy?”

Kiwi (visibly frustrated): “look ...

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Sister in law

A Groom's Tale

I was a very happy person. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for
over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little
thing bothering me . . . it was her beautiful younger sister.

My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore v...

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Confessing your sins [NSFW i guess]

A guy who had done wrongs in his life went to church to confess
He goes to the confessional and the priest asks him

P - What sins have you done, son?

S - I sinned, father, I went to send something to my sister in law and before going out it started raining, so i stayed in her house...

We've been married for 15 years and finally found the G spot.

Turns out my sister in law had it all along

Slow learner

A man goes to work one Monday morning and notices one of his coworkers has two big bandages on both of his ears.

"What happened to your ears?" he asks.

"Well, its a long story." he replies, "You see, my wife and I are planning a trip with my sister in law, and we were expecting a pho...

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Isn't it so weird when you're thinking about someone and then they suddenly appear?...

Anyway, my sister in law just caught me masturbating.

What do you call a nun that becomes a lawyer?

A sister in law.

Knowing the Difference

Joey married one of a pair of identical twin girls. Less than a year later, he was in court filing for a divorce.

"OK," the judge said, "Tell the court why you want a divorce."

"Well, your honor," Joey started, "Every once in a while my sister in law would come over for a visit, and be...

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