Did you hear about the guy that quit his job at a quilt filling factory?

He said he was fed up of feeling down...

What did Captain Picard say to the quilting machine repairman?

Make it sew.

The traveling salesmen

Two traveling salesmen were riding together across West Texas when their car began to sputter and cough. Soon, it died completely and they were stranded on the side of a state highway with little traffic.

Fortunately, a pick up truck pulled over to help. The driver was a comely middle aged wo...

My friend told me he holds a world record in quilt making

I suspect his whole story is fabricated.

I'd like to say that ALL quilts are great...

...but I try to avoid making blanket statements.

Have you ever heard of the lady who was accused of being the infamous Quilted Killer?

She's innocent until proven quilty.

Me: Is that a chicken?

Salesperson: No, it’s a quilted blanket...

Me: Oh, sorry. I thought it was a poultry.

Salesperson: No, it’s upholstery.

A guy wanted some help from the priest...

"So I did a big mistake priest." The guy quilting ,
"So this day I were sitting with my cousin , my uncle and my aunt......The light just went off ,My uncle and my aunt went down stairs and I did it with my cousin."
"Don't worry this sin shall be forgiven but don't do that again" the priest sa...

I named my high-speed magic carpet Bounty.

It’s a quilted, quicker picker-upper.

Who Came First

A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile on it's face.

The egg, looking very hacked off, grabs the quilt, rolls over and says, "Well, we finally answered THAT question!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A fresh off the boat Indian immigrant goes to Wallmart to buy some toilet paper

Arriving to the store, he walks to an employee and tells him "Hello sir, I have recently arrived in America with just the shirt on my back and not so much money. I need to buy toilet paper but I can't afford luxuries".

The employee replies "Well listen here friend, I have this ExtraSoft for $...

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