Jesus is sitting in heaven looking glum, when St Paul says

"You've been down lately, come join me for yoga this afternoon, it'll improve your energy levels and perk you right up, Lord"

Jesus looks up, his expression remaining grim

"I'll pass, I've had bad experiences with Pilates"

Pilates > Crossfit.

Just ask Pontius and Jesus.

Why did the pirate go to a pilates class ?

To get some Booty

Which biblical character is the best at aerobics?

Pontius Pilates

Jesus is a regular at my yoga class

Pilates screwed him up real bad but he keeps coming back

What kind of exercise did the ancient Romans do?

Pontius Pilates

What was Jesus's least favourite exercise class?

Pontius Pilates.

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What is Jesus' favorite workout?

Pontius Pilates

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