I only have luck dating meteorologists...

They only expect 3 to 5 inches


Why do women hate sleeping with meteorologists?
They say to expect 4-8 inches and you only get 2

Where do meteorologists save their wheather predictions?

In the cloud.

How are meteorologists like guys on Tinder?

They promise you 12+ in, but you only get 4.

Inspired by today's "storm" in New England. Stay safe out there!

Meteorologists have forecast snow throughout the US for the entire year of 2018

Flake news

Meteorologists have recently reconfigured the 5 categories of hurricane.

Number 5 will blow you away.

Why did the Canadian meteorologists lose to the American meteorologists in basketball?

Because it was unfair in height

Why can't doctors work with meteorologists?

They're always under the weather.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Meteorologists always have their heads in the clouds

But gastroenterologists take shit seriously

An Indian chief goes to the village shaman...

An Indian chief goes to the village shaman and asks him if this year's winter will be harsh. The shaman thinks about the question for a while, does his thing and says "oh yeah, it will be a terrible winter"

So the village stockpiles everything they can as to survive the terrible winter. Winte...

Americans tend to think us Aussies are all dumb...

But atleast we get our weather information from meteorologists and not groundhogs.

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