To whomever made capital I and lower case L look the same..

l hope you're happy, Ioser.

my wife asked me why i always type using lower case letters.

i said i stopped giving a shift.

Why does Stalin only write in lower case?

Because he hates capitalism

Why does Superman have a lower case "s" on his chest?

Because not all heroes wear caps.

Why should communism always be lower case?

So that it’s not capitalized

Someone in the funeral asks for the Wi-Fi password

"You should respect the dead"

"All together and lower case?"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Fuck you I quit

Boss: I understand, but we will need your password so we can login to your pc and reset it.

Me: “Fuck you I quit”

Boss: “here just write it down on this piece of paper for me.

Me: ...scribble scribble “Fuck you i quit”... hand the piece of paper back to my boss.

Boss: ...

A guy walks into a bar to get some work done.

Guy says to the bartender “hey, can I get the WiFi password?” Bartender says “you have to buy a drink first”. Guy grunts and says “fine, let me get a jack and coke”. Bartender comes over and gives the man his drink. Guys say “now can I have the WiFi password?” Bartender nods and say “you have to b...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Joke my teacher told me

He walks up to the baker and says he really needs a cake, a cake with the letter S on it. The baker says okay, I'm very busy around this time of year, so come back in a few days and your cake will be ready.

The guy leaves, comes back in a few days, and the baker says, "Here you are! A cake wi...

cake story

A guy goes into a bakery and asks for a cake in the shape of a letter B. He comes back to pick it up the next day, and says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I totally forgot to tell you I wanted it to be a lower case B. I’ll pay for this one, but could you redo it as a lower-case?” The baker says, “Hey, that’s okay...

So I walked into the bar the other day...

And asked the bartender for the WiFi password. He replied with you’ve got to buy a drink first. I figured that was a fair enough policy so I went ahead and bought a beer and asked him again for the password. He said youvegottobuyadrinkfirst all lower case.

The English letters were having their annual conference

The English letters were having their annual conference led by A.

A: 'This year's main agenda is to find replacements for letters that have similar upper and lower case letters to avoid confusion. We will begin with the letter C'

C: 'Why does it has to start with me?'

A: 'Beca...

How do you know your S&M partner works in IT?

They insist your safe word has an upper case letter, a lower case letter, and at least one number.

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