Why don't local government prioritize the concerns of laborers who collect minerals in caves?

They're only miner issues.

My local government sent me some free, emergency toilet paper in the mail.

They called it a "Jury Summons."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why is workplace sex uncommon in local government?

Because they are mostly relatives.

This is a joke that from several decades ago, and was recently shared with me

The local government just finished paving a highway, and is hiring crews to paint stripes down the middle. He hires a crew of 5 guys (the og joke says mexican but thats not pc) and one (used to be polish) guy (again, not pc).

The first day of painting goes by, and the crew of 5 paints two mil...

A few years ago in a small town...

...There lived a wealthy businessman named Robert Tunat. He was a very rich investor in the local economy and came to be very influentual in the community and well liked by everyone. His son, however, was not the same. He was a spoiled, stuck up, greedy brat, and soon seeked power in the local gover...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My town has gone to shit

When I was a kid, the town I lived in was great. Business was booming, everyone was happy, and it was safe at all times of the day. The area outside of town was a little bit sketchy (especially at night), but it never made it in to our small town.

That was, until some changes in the local gov...

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