How did the leper hockey game end?

There was a face off in the corner.

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If my sex life was a hockey game

I'd be awarded a lot of penalty shots after losing so many scoring opportunities.

What does a hockey game and an airboat have in common?

Loud fans

Putin scored eight goals in that exhibition hockey game. Apparently he has an incredible slap shot...

... if you don't let him score, he slaps you and then shoots you.

When is a pedofiles favorite part of a hockey game?

Before first period

Why did the referee blow his whistle at the leper hockey game?

There was a face off at centre ice.

I Saw a Hockey Game in Canada...

It was a-moose-ing.

I was at a hockey game yesterday and I came up with this horrible joke. Why are women bad luck at hockey games?

Because they never have good periods.

How much poutine was left after the hockey game?


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why do Canadians have sex dog style?

So they both watch the hockey game.

I went to a fight the other night...

and a hockey game broke out.

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Gambling jokes

**Husband**: How do you lose $150 in the slot machines!

**Wife**: You lost $15000 at the tables!

**Husband**: Yeah but I know how to gamble.


**Bettor**: My god, I had a terrible day today. I lost 15 ou...

Leper Jokes

Why did they stop the leper football game? There was a hand off at the fifty yard-line.

Why did they stop the leper hockey game? There was a face off in the corner.

Why did they stop the leper baseball game? Somebody dropped a ball in left field.

(I us...

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I came home one day and there were five penguins standing in my driveway. I didn't know what to do so I called a vet. His name was Willie and he was in Viet-Nam.

" Willie WTF should I do with these Penguins?" Willies says " Take them to the zoo" Good Idea. So I run into Willie downtown a couple of weeks later. " WTF are you doing with those penguins in the back of your truck, I told you to take them to the zoo?" " I did, and we had so much fun I am taki...

The Greatest French Hockey Player

A hockey-loving guy from Ontario moves to Quebec. He turns on the radio to listen to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens hockey game. He realizes that the game is being broadcast in French, but he decides to listen anyways. Maybe He'll be able to make out what's happening and at least get ...

Man walks into a bar with his dog...

He sits down at the bar and orders a drink and starts watching the hockey game on tv. Half way through the first period, Toronto scores a goal, the dog gets up and goes nuts, then lays back down. Start of the second period, Toronto scores a second goal. Again, the dog gets up, goes nuts and lays bac...

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