I’ve been working for an orthodontist on a freelance basis…

… but now they’ve put me on a retainer.

What do you call a freelance electrician?

A solderer of fortune.

I'm an attorney working on my fifth freelance project.

That guy really needs to stop getting arrested.
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If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “freelance” in an independent coffee shop...

I have no idea how much money I would have, but it would definitely be more than a freelancer.

Did hear about that jouster who got out of prison?

He’s a freelancer now

A band of adventurers accept a quest, to slay the Ork King.

Before heading out to fight the Ork King, they head to town to hire a mercenary.
The first one is a swordsman, who asks for 1000 gold to join them.
The second is an archer, who wants 2000 gold for her services.
The last one is a Spearman, who is willing to do it just for the experienc...

Anyone in need of any jousting work?

I'm going freelance.

Good cop/bad cop

Good cop: "You want coffee?"

Bad cop: "Where did you hide the money?"

Cop that freelances for BuzzFeed: "Answer these questions to find out what type of criminal you are."

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