I used to hate facial hair,

but then it grew on me.

As a kid, I never liked the idea of facial hair.

But then it grew on me.

What do you call it when someone makes fun of your facial hair?

A side-burn

Everyone hates my facial hair for No Shave November

But it’s growing on me

My younger brother started letting his beard come in. He said "Man, having facial hair feels weird."

I told him "Yeah, it grows on you."

Why do men love their facial hair?

They’re naturally attached to it

What kind of facial hair does a teenage Native American have?

Apache beard

My wife said, "it looks uncomfortable growing all that facial hair under your nose..."

must ache

My dad said there's a throbbing pain coming from the facial hair above his upper lip.

It mustache.

What did the facial hair say when it had to leave the party?

"Sorry guys, moustache!"

Movember just reminds me that i inherited the inability to grow proper facial hair from my father...

why couldn't i be more like my mom?

3 women are in a horrible car crash and go to heaven.

3 women are in a horrible car crash and go to heaven. As they are approaching the gates of heaven they notice there are ducks that cover almost every inch of heaven. They ask St. Peter about the ducks.

“They are very sacred creatures and if you step on 1 you will be handcuffed to an ugly per...

A lady is concerned her new puppy dog is deaf

The dog doesn’t seem to hear her trying to call it at all, so she decides to take the puppy to see the vet. The vet says “well sometimes these schnauzers grow to much hair in their ears and can’t hear very well”. The vet checks the puppy’s ears, and sure enough they are overgrown with hair. The vet ...

Mom, am I ugly?

"Of course not, honey. You have everything a man wants, a deep voice, broad shoulders, facial hair..."

To every girl who complains about shaving their legs every now and then

You don't know the pain of shaving your facial hair every morning.

But neither do I.

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