How many English people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one. What do you think they are? Americans?

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A Russian enters a bar full of English people

A Russian enters a bar full of English people.

He's wearing a t-shirt with bright lettering "English got 3 problems."

Just a few seconds later the English oppose him and say "Hey, you know what you're wearing is insulting?"

The Russian responds: "This is your first problem: You'...

Why don't English people pronounce their 'T's?

Because they drank them all

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The surnames of England

The surnames of England will tell you a lot about what sort of people they are, and of what sort of things they're proud of: The Bakers, for example, came from a prominent line of breadmakers; The Masons were all very fine stoneworkers; But among the English people, no surname is held in higher rega...

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One night in Baghdad, an American, an Englishman and an Iraqi were sitting, chilling with cold beer in a night bar.

The American took his glass, drank the beer, threw the glass into the air, pulled his pistol, shot the glass, commenting that they have such cheap glasses in America that they do not have to drink from the same one twice.

The Englishman, impressed, grabs his glass and does the same thing as ...

At the end of a comment a redditor put 'sorry for bad English'

Someone replied with "Your English is really good don't apologize"

Op responded with "English is my first language I'm just apologizing for misbehaved English people"

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