efficaciousefficienteffectualeffectivenessusefulineffectiveoperationalpotentoperativepowerfuleffectivityefficacyeffectgoodin effect

statistics of birth control effectiveness

Condoms = 99%

birth control pills =99%

My tinder profile = 100%

How do pharmaceutical companies evaluate the effectiveness of a laxative?

By measuring its defficacy

An amputee is taking part in a discussion on the effectiveness of gloves

On one hand, they are good for cold weather.

On the other, they don't really help.

There was a study to show the effectiveness of jackhammers.

It was ground-breaking.

The Test

This joke was told to me 20 years ago by a friend of my Dad’s.

The President of the USA decides to run an exercise to test the effectiveness of the CIA, the FBI and the LAPD with a simple task - a bunny rabbit will be let loose in a designated forest and he will send in one agency at a time ...

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