My friend invited me to go drag racing with him and I thought yeah that sounds fun

Turns out it is really freaking hard to run in the heels

I'm thinking about getting into drag racing...

It looks pretty straight forward.

I like drag racing

Dressing up in women's clothing and driving down the street full speed

What’s the hardest part about drag racing?

Running in heels.

A friend asked if I'd like to go drag racing,

I had to politely decline.

I can't even walk, never mind run in high heels

I've been doing some drag racing recently.

It's quite the transsport.

If horse racing is the "sport of kings"

is drag racing the sport of queens?

What do you call two speeding men in dresses?

Drag racing.

I dont care if I seem racist

Drag racing just is not as impressive as formula 1.

I recently bought a second hand car.

It only had one previous owner, a little old lady, who only used it once a week, on a Sunday - when she took it drag racing.

As compensation for their appalling behaviour, United Airlines are going to sponsor a lot more community sports and activities

Their first project will be Drag Racing

I have been trying to find a new hobby

So lately i have been drag racing. I win most of the time, it's hard for them to outrun me in heels

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