cutwater downstretchweakenwateryundercutreducedebasethinweakenedthinnedweakwhitedilutederode

Where do you sent diluted Juice?

To the concentration camp.

Warning about new batch of "ice"

Police are warning drug users about a diluted, mild version of ice doing the rounds. They are calling it "crystal meh".

Cheap pastor

A cheap pastor had a church with significant need of a paint job. The estimate calls for 100 gallons of white latex paint but he decided to buy only one 20 gallon can he knows latex paint can be thinned with water. So he diluted 1:1 and it still coats and looks white. So he dilutes again to stret...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A restaurant owner tells his bartender: ok, today we're gonna serve a special cocktail.

You have to take 10 grams of vodka, dilute it in 100 liters of water and that's basically it.

Bartender: What is this, some mental institution inmates celebrate an anniversary of their institutionalization?

The restaurant owner: No, just a bunch of homeopaths having a corporate party.

Never drink water while studying

It'll dilute your concentration

I can't undue my mistakes...

All I can do is more mistakes, and hope the original one gets diluted

This is a homeopathic joke.

The humour is heavily diluted.

Homeopathy weight loss tip:

Drink diluted water.

I was thinking about getting into the business of homeopathy.

But the market was too diluted.

Did you hear about the Kool-Aid Man?

He said, “Hey, everybody! I AM JESUS CHRIST!” and then jumped into a pool believing he could walk on water.

He sank right down to the bottom.
He was totally diluted.

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