What did Paprika say when Coriander knocked on his door?


What's the worst way to introduce yourself to a seasoning?

Cumin side her.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What did one spice say to the other spice during sex?

I’m cumin.

What is a volcano's favorite spice?

Ground cumin

I relabeled all the jars in my wife's spice rack.

I'm not in trouble yet but the thyme is cumin...

Did you know that Rob Zombie is actually a cannibal and a terrible cook?

I went to a dinner party at his house. The main course was more cumin than human.

My wife asked me to spice things up

So I told my girlfriend to Cumin.

What did the spice jar say as he emptied into the dish?

Oh my god, I'm cumin!!!

How did me and my sugar make our little rosemary?

When things got spicy, it ended with my cumin cider.

Did you hear about the hostage situation at the spice factory?

They used a cumin shield.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My girlfriend told me I need to spice things up in the bedroom...

So I told her I would cumin her pussy.

(That joke only works sometimes because it's seasonal)

What's the difference between coriander and cumin?

You can't coriander your pants.

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