Why are spiders clingy roommates?

Because they're an Arachneedy.

Why was the mortgage so clingy?

It hated being alone.

Man, some toys are so clingy

They never seem to Lego

Why are storm troopers so clingy?

Cause no matter where you're at they'll always miss you.

My girlfriend might be a bit clingy, but she sure is going places...

Like home. Go home.

I had to break up with my girlfriend because she was obsessive about cellophane wrap.

She was way too clingy.

What do women and boxers have in common?

They're both clingy when wet!

Everyone hates making-out with Gorilla glue

Its gets so clingy afterwhile.

My FBI agent just left me.

Apparently I'm too clingy.

I once knew a guy whose parents were from Chernobyl

On the one hand, he was friendly but on the other hand, he was quite clingy. But on the third hand, he had eight fingers.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I had to break up with my girlfriend...

Me and my Japanese girlfriend had been dating for around 9 months before she really started becoming attached and really clingy. I decided that the best thing for me to do was to end the relationship. When I told her she took it surprisingly well, and she didn't get upset or anything. I was ecstatic...

Why is Spider-Man a bad boyfriend?

He's super clingy.

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