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Irritable Bowel Syndrome saved me from depression...

Itโ€™s hard to feel empty when youโ€™re so full of shit.

Just found out I have irritable vowel syndrome...

Every time โ€œUโ€ tell me โ€œIโ€ have to do something it irritates the $h*t out of me.

How often are women grumpy and irritable?


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An irritable old man runs into a kid on a narrow path

The path isn't wide enough for two people to go side by side. The grumpy old man, who hates kids, refuses to move to the side, and says "I don't give way to assholes".

"That's ok, I do", says the kid and lets the old man cross.

I'm writing a book about my time growing up as a shy young boy with irritable bowel syndrome...

... i've decided to call it 'Diarrhoea Of A Wimpy Kid'

My mom has been tired, irritable, moody, and able to instantly stop small fish.

I think she's going through minnowpause.

Told my wife that the doctor thinks I have irritable vowel syndrome. She said, "I think you mean 'bowel'."

I said, "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

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What's the difference between a prostitute with irritable bowel syndrome and an epileptic oyster?

You have to shuck the oyster between fits.

When was Cleopatra at her most irritable?

When she was on her pyramid.

Why did the artists stay away from the irritable blacksmith?

Nobody wanted to draw his iron.

Pete was having a tough day at work...

His boss was berating him for a simple mistake. His coworkers were irritable. Customers were condescending. The only thing getting him through the day was knowing that his new golf clubs were coming in the mail later that day. He finally gets to leave work and gets home. He cracks open his bee...

Worst Dad Joke of the Day?

You know what IBS is, right? Irritable Bowel Syndrome. What I've got is worse, IWS, Irritable Wife Syndrome. And that kids is why Dad is sleeping on the couch tonight.

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My wife came home from the doctor

Not really a joke. It's a real life story that happened to me. My wife came home from the doctor and said. The doctor discovered my illness - I've got IBS. I told my wife, I know, you've had that almost the entire time I've know you. She said You don't even know what IBS is.

I said yes...

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