What do you call someone who overpays for caulk?

A caulk sucker

Did you hear about the newlywed couple that didn’t know the difference between KY lube and silicone caulk?

Their windows fell out.

My wife asked for black caulk for her birthday

I can't find it at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Why did the guy get fired from the hardware store?

He asked a female customer if she needed caulking.

Why can't contractors shoot each other with sealant?

Because caulk fighting is illegal.

I recently got thrown out of Home Depot for asking...

an attendant whether he had a big sized caulk.

My girlfriend's roommate wouldn't let me redo their bathroom tiles.

What a caulk block.

What do you call a death row inmate who knows how to weatherproof?

Dead man caulking.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A failing zoo was desperate to drive attendance.

After much discussion, they finally purchased a gnu from Africa.

In anticipation of its arrival, the zoo built a new exhibit for the hard-to-obtain animal. It was a beautiful indoor/outdoor enclosure and contractors worked diligently to meet the deadline of the animal’s arrival.


Why did Mario get fired from being a plumber?

He never put his caulk away.

Why do boston carpenters get slapped by women?

Because they want to show women their caulk

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