Why are cat’s carvings expensive?

Because they start from scratch

I’m bad at this aren’t I

My broken heart

Think it's time I told everyone a little bit about me. I was seeing this amazing woman up until last year. Now I absolutely adored this girl, and would do anything for her. But this is a story about how it all went wrong.

A big part of my life was I used to be a harpist. Not to brag, but I co...

My friend likes to make carvings of people of religion in his spare time.

You'd like a punchline to this, wooden jew.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Did you guys here about what was going on at Mount Rushmore before the carvings?

Man, that shit was unpresidented.

The Pacific island demigod Chee-sah...

The Pacific island demigod Chee-sah was always depicted in wooden carvings with nothing on from the waist down (except sandals), much to the distress of Christian missionaries who served there. Their urging of the locals to cover the statute’s lower half devolved into piteous begging as they tried t...

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