What did the disgruntled birdwatcher say to the employee of the bird sanctuary?

I’d like to speak to your Tanager.

I went birdwatching the other day, but didn't see anything.

Still, no egrets.

I saw Sinead O'Connor birdwatching the other day, so asked how she was getting on...

She told me "It's been seven owls and fifteen jays..."

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The birdwatcher was not surprised to see a boy masturbating.

He saw that kid coming a mile away.

What's the best thing a birdwatching terrorist can do?

See four

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A birdwatcher and his friend were walking through Central Park.

A bird tweets and the birdwatcher identifies it and then turns to a tree and says, 'There it is.'
His friend says, 'That's amazing. How did you hear that over the noise of all these people around us?'
The birdwatcher says, 'It's all in what you want to hear. Watch.'

He whispers, ...

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"Hey, check out that nice pair of tits," says the older man to the teenager beside him.

"What are the common and scientific names?"

"Baeolophus bicolor, or tufted titmouse" says the college student. "I love birdwatching, professor! Thanks for pointing those out!"

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