What do people say when they leave the arcade?

See you later, Simulator!

What's the most popular arcade game in Mexico?

Guac - a - mole

What’s Joe Biden’s favorite arcade game?

Space Invaders

Getting injured in America is kinda like an arcade machine

You gotta input more money or you die.

Why do arcades never put pac-man machines together?

Because papparazzi would crowd them and say:"Hey look! Its tupac, man!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Once upon a time there was a Cheerio.


This Cheerio dreamed of going to Perfect Cheerio Land, where only the best Cheerios lived. In Perfect Cheerio Land, there was everything a little Cheerio’s heart desired.

One day, when Cheerio woke up, an angel cheerio was at the foot of his bed. The angel said, “I am here to ta...

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Prostitutes are like really expensive arcade machines...

As long as you keep paying, you can keep playing.

Billy's birthday gift

Little Billy just turned 8. His parents went all out for the party. They rented a bounce house. The cake was three layers. They even hired the best clown in the state. All of Billy's friends from school were there, even some of the older cool kids made it. At the end of the party, when everyone left...

A priest told me this joke as a kid.

There were 3 men, they were best friends, and they were quite unhealthy. Their names were, Bert, Chester, and Earl.

They were actually really unhealthy and Bert decided that he needed to take charge of him and his friends' health. He decided that they were going to be on a diet together to he...

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Fruit Ninja decides to host a live event.

They decide to commission for an arcade style game/exhibition to be made where the visitors can pick up physical weapons at each of the fruit stations and hit the designated fruit with them. After they hit the fruit the computer would display their score and play a congratulatory tune if they got ab...

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The old man and his grandson

An old man took his grandson to town but ran into some old friends playing poker and decided to join them.

His grandson asked, "Can I play too?"

The old man said, "Is your dick long enough to touch your asshole?"

The boy replied, "No."

The grandfather then said, "Then yo...

Reddit, lend me your jokes.

I'm going to the florida arcade and pinball convention tomorrow. obviously its initials are "FAP". I need as many horrible fap jokes as possible for my friends (example: i called all my friends to tell them i'm coming). thanks for the help.

- an immature adult

A man buys himself a lie detecting robot...

A man buys himself a lie detecting robot, but it has a unique feature. When someone lies, the robot slaps them. The man wants to test it out so he brings it down to the dinner table one evening. As they are eating the man asks his son if he was at school today, the boy says yes and the robot slaps h...

A man was driving his family home from visiting his wife's parents in the country. After a few minutes she looked over at him and noticed he was crying.

"What's wrong, dear?" she asked.

"I was thinking about that day at the video arcade when we met," he said softly.

She smiled, "Yes, I remember that."

"You told me you were 18, but you were really 16."

She giggled, "I remember that too."

"You talked me into taking y...

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