What is a videogame people have been waiting forever and devs never seem to release the sequel?

Formula 1

Why do assassins and thieves always wear leather armour in videogames?

Because it's made from hide!

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What is Hitler's favorite Videogame ?

***Mein Kraft***

Dating is like playing a videogame.

It's all fun and games until the microtransaction come in.

What was the Soviet Union's favorite videogame system?

The Nintendo We

What do you call an Egyptian god who's bad at videogames?


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What was Hitlers favourite videogame?


What is mark zuckerbergs favorite videogame

Detroit become human

I asked my French friend if he owned a videogame console

He replied: “Wii”

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My mom doesnt want me to play videogames because she said it makes you violet

Well I don't believe her bullshit. I'm light brown.

When have videogames ever hurt anyone?

Well actually, three thousand people were killed in California in the 1906 earthquake. That was San Andreas's fault.

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What is a chinese homosexual videogamer called?

Gay Ming

Karius will never finish any videogame...

Because he can't save anything.

They didn't take too well to my latest AR videogame sales pitch...

Frogger Live, Ultimate Edition

What does a blanket say after beating another blanket at videogames?

Well plaid.

Please dont kill me.

Videogames ruined my life...

...but at least i have two more

What's a junkie's favorite videogame?

Need for Speed.

In a videogame movie, what do you call your ideal set of actors?

Your dreamcast

Why was there never a successful "Antz" videogame?

Because they had too many bugs

Who is the most poetic videogame character?

Sonnet the Hedgehog

Making your own videogame teaches you

How bad can you be at your own game.

While playing the depressing part of a videogame, my close pal Xavier suddenly starts massaging my crotch

I've never been so touched on an emotional level.

I think my girlfriend is breaking up with me for playing too much videogames..

She says its "just cause" but either way I think its a pretty silly thing to fallout 4..

I was talking to my brother yesterday

He is a grown man but still spends every single minute on a stupid videogame. He claims our old Nintendo Entertainment System is still the coolest thing in the world, mainly because we painted ours completely black for a better look.

Yesterday I visited my parents' house. My brother said the ...

I miss the old days

Before I could go into a store with 3 bucks and get 5 videogames, but now they have cameras all over the place.

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