Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are sitting in their apartment, the boy is playing Xbox One.

Boy: Why do you look so sad?

Girl: ...

Boy: Turns of his Xbox one.

Girl: Why did you stop playing?

Boy: Because there is something much better than my Xbox.....

Girl: *Blus...

Xbox One down! PS4 Down! Get an ambulance!

Wii U!
Wii U!
Wii U!

A fight breaks out between Xbox One and PS4 fans. Someone calls the cops. What sound does the siren make?

Wii U, Wii U, Wii U!

Why did the Xbox One eat its cereal for breakfast, but not its pancakes?

It had the spoon, but not the 4k.

What's the difference in Xbox One and your mother?

I genuinely care about your mother.

I added Paul walker on Xbox One

But he spends most of his time on the dashboard

The white Xbox One S was just announced.

Of course it's 40% smaller than the black one.

The XBox One X is Microsoft's new console

The short of that is XBOX, they've now come full circle, or 360.

Why is Xbox 360's successor called Xbox One and not Xbox 720?

Cos 720 is 1

I wonder where my girlfriend is...

It has been about a month since I have last seen my girlfriend, I am really worried, she left me a note on the xbox one which said "This isn't working." but I turned it on and it worked just fine.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Unfair Christmas

Two brothers open up their Christmas gifts. One got many gifts. Xbox One, PS4, tons of games, Legos, remote control vehicles, and much more. The other one got a used tennis ball. One brother says to the other "Look at all the gifts I got, and you got a shitty tennis ball. HAHA" the other replies "At...

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