I had an idea for a Writing Prompt where there is an insane asylum full of people who think they are part of a Monty Python skit and quote the lines endlessly.

Someone told me that's called 'college'.

The movie “A Quiet Place” is based on a Jeff Dunham skit.


When is a Pixie not a Pixie?

When it's head is up a fairy's skit, then it's a goblin.

[Request] Jokes about fruit juice? I know it's random ^^ sorry

I've been tasked with finding jokes/puns or even short skits about fruit juice (for school).
Thanks in advance for your replies :)

"We like our beer the way we like our violence..."


-Stolen from a part of a Bill Burr skit. It apparently upset some easily offended people when they saw it at a bar

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