What's it called when you marry a shoemaker?

Marrying your sole-mate

Why do shoemakers go to heaven?

cause they have good soles..

Why did Joe the shoemaker ask for help from the carpenter?

Wooden shoe like to know?

The old shoemaker

Chet is going through his recently deceased father's stuff. He finds a twenty year old shoe repair claim ticket from Ginsberg's shoe repair.

Knowing that old man Ginsberg had been running his shop for over 30 years, Chet, on a whim decides to sees if he can claim his father's shoes.

How did the shoemaker reward his employees?

With sock options.

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A woman goes to her shoemaker...

...and when the shoemaker is sizing her feet, he notices she has no panties on. He says, "Lady I'd like to eat that full of ice cream!"

Disgusted, she leaves and tells her husband to beat him up. Her husband says, "I won't beat him up for three reasons: we can't afford new shoes for you, you ...

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The Shoemaker

When my grandma lost mobility, I would drop by more and more frequently to run errands and do chores for her. Drop off the dry cleaning, rake the front lawn, that kind of stuff. Well, I was cleaning out her attic for her one day and I found this old army uniform and took it down, I said hey grandma,...

A priest walks into a shoemakers shope...

And says to the cobbler,

"Help! My soles need heeling!"

The sign says “Shoes repaired while you wait”

The guy walks in and the shoemaker says they’ll be ready Thursday ...

I thought you said while I wait?

The shoemaker replies...

“If you you want to wait, wait!”

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Last names can tell you a bit about your family’s past.

Like, Carpenter - your family probably made houses/worked with wood. Shoemaker - made shoes.

There must have been a pretty dark day in the history of the Dickensons.

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The Jew at Confession

One day, a Jewish shoemaker walked in to a Catholic Confession and sat down. The priest asked, "Son, what sin has brought you here?" The Jewish man told the priest the story of how a beautiful nineteen year old woman had walked into his shoe shop. They struck up a conversation and ended up having se...

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Jobs of our fathers

The principal of a school was to inspect one of the classes in her school. Before the inspection the head teacher goes to the class and tells the students that to every question from the principal, they need to give an illustrious answer even if it's not true.

The principal arrives. She goes...

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