So Tekashi69 could face life in prison

Which is nice because we might finally get to see a mumble rapper completing a sentence

What do you call a fish rapper?

Swim Shady.

I was approved to borrow money, but then the bank found out I want to be a rapper with face tattoos

Now they won't post m'loan.

A mumble rapper gets out of prison

Everyone starts praising them for finally finishing a sentence.

Why are there so many rappers still in jail?

Because they don't know how to end a sentence.

What do rappers and vegans have in common?

Fake beef

Rapper Eminem has tested positive for COVID-19

In a statement released by doctors, it has been been revealed the following symptoms: his palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy. Not to mention that there was vomit on his sweater already.

Initial testing suggests that the cause is: Mom's Spaghetti.

What’s a rappers favourite toy?

A yo yo!

How do you beat a diabetic rapper in a rap battle

Candy Bars

Who is Thomas the Tank Engine's favorite rapper?

Choo Trains

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If Hitler was a rapper, he would make the best diss tracks.

He was good at roasting people.

What do rappers like to add to their coffee?

Two pack sugar.

What do you call a good smelling rapper?

Post Cologne

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An aspiring rapper finds a genie in a bottle...

"What are your three wishes?" the genie asks?

"First, I want to bring back Tupac and Biggie," he says. POOF! Tupac Shakir and Notorious B.I.G. appear beside him.

"Next I want to us all to live in Snoop's crib." POOF! The three are kicking it inside Snoop Dogg's huge mansion.

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What does a mumble rapper and a politician have in common?

both of their careers depend on incomprehensible bullshit

What would be Trump's rapper name?


Which rapper has the worst perfume?

50 scent.

what's the difference between a rapper and a country singer?

Country singers keep their hoes in the shed.

I told my wife that Will Smith is the best actor/rapper of all time.

She said that’s Ludacris

What do mumble rappers from the East coast rap about?

I don’t know...Their verses aren’t Pacific.

Have you heard of that rapper who always complains about being single on Reddit?

I think his name was... Post-Alone?

Person 1 says: I like Eminem

Person 2 says: Well, I prefer Skittles.
Person 1 says: No- I meant the rapper.
Person 2 says, confused: Why would you eat the wrapper?

Who is the fastest rapper in the middle east?

Salim Shady

Name a rapper with small abdominal muscles


What do you call a female rapper?

38 Cent

Why do rappers always buy small shoes?

'Cause they all have lil ft.

Who’s a sloth’s favorite rapper?


Did you hear about the female rapper who only rapped when she was on her menstrual cycle?

I heard she has a mean flow

We’re big fans of the rapper 50 cent!

Or, as we call him in Zimbabwe, 400 billion dollars.

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If you only had one beer, you’re not an alcoholic. If you make one song on SoundCloud, you’re not a rapper.

But I have sex with one guy and now I’m gay?

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Rapper 50 cent just came out as bisexual…

He’s now called 50/50.

What does Santa the Rapper say at the beginning of his concerts?

"Where my ho ho ho's at?"

How does Eminem beat Rappers in a fight?

Mixed Marshall Arts

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I decided to give my 3 year old sister a rapper name

She’s lil shit

Why were dragons called rappers during ancient times?

Because they used to spit fire.

What do you call a rapper whose half black and half white?

50 percent

I'm standing right next to the rapper who collabed with Kendrick and Jay Rock in "King's Dead"

I can't believe my eyes. **I can see the Future!**

What kind of steak do SoundCloud rappers like?

Skirrrt steak.

Albert Einstein was a musician throughout his life. He had a phase where he experimented with hip hop. His rapper name was

MC squared

Have you guys heard about this remake of the old Jim Carrey/Renee Zellwegger movie, but starring mumble rappers?

It's called "Me, Myself, and My lean."

What do you call a Dothraki rapper?

Wiz Khaleesi

One of the Three Stooges was reincarnated as a popular rapper, but he couldn't hear very well.

Moe's deaf

What do you call a convention for lizard rappers?

A reptile diss function.

Do you know about the rapper that had an autoimmune disease?

Lupus Fiasco

Did you hear about the rapper that had an asphalt fetish?

He came from the streets.

Why do rappers hate Trump?

Nothing rhymes with orange.

At my school there’s a rapper named MC Squared

The science teacher just calls him E

"I saw a famous rapper urinating onto a gravestone."

"P. Diddy?"

"Yes, onto a gravestone."

What do you call it when a rapper attacks a loved one?

beats by Dr. Dre

A rapper opened a burger joint in the Czech Republic

Now he boasts about how he makes fat Czechs.

I’m tired of people calling me a rapper. It’s simply not true!

I always ask for my lovers’ consent.

After contracting Covid-19 Famous Rapper DMX has promised to infect every human on earth with the virus.

This is apart of his earlier promise that "X gonna give it to ya"

Who is the cheesiest rapper?

Feta Wap 🧀

who is the best candy (w)rapper?


Two people walk onto a stage, both holding metal tubes. One sings and the other raps. How do you tell which is which before they start performing?

Easy: The singer’s got pipes, and the rapper’s got bars.

Why don’t religious people like rap music?

All rappers do is hop in the booth and confess to a bunch of crimes they’ve committed.

That’s Catholicism.

What do you call a cheese rapper?

Prov Malone.

My rapper name would be Medium Rare

Cus it’s kinda raw

Why did the rapper go back in time to 1009?

to drop his MIX tape.

Why didn't the fisherman make it as a rapper?

His lines were okay, but his hooks were debaitable.

What’s a criminal rappers least favorite, and favorite thing?


Why are rappers so afraid of algebra?

Cause X gonna give it to ya

I met this drunk guy at a bar who kept telling everyone he’s a famous rapper.

I think he’s ludacris

Chance The Rapper endorses the President and Rudy Giuliani, announces his full support of their voter fraud campaign.

Correction: Chance the Total Landscaper

Have you heard about the rappers ghost writer going to jail

He was behind bars

What rapper doesn't work out enough?


If I was a rapper,I would name myself Snickers

Because M&M is already taken.

Music is like candy...

It's great once you get rid of the rapper.

A struggling SoundCloud rapper decides to get a job as a farmer...

He now produces his own beets

There is a plane of children along with a priest, a rabbi, and a rapper is flying to New York

Suddenly, the engine catches fire. The rabbi says, "We must save the children." The rapper yells back, "Screw the children!" The Priest responds, "Do you think we have enough time?"

What do you call a rapper skeleton

Machine gun Skelly

What would you call a rapper named T-Cell?

A natural killer!

DmX meets Prince Phillip at the pearly gates

DMX meets Prince Phillip at the Pearly Gates after DMX dies at 50 years old.

Prince Phillip scoffs at him. "50?!".

DMX says "Nah man, you got me confused with that other rapper."

Where do rappers go to get pets?

Tha Dogg Pound

What do you call a Soviet mumble rapper?


What is a millennial rapper’s favorite Transformer?


Article on the future of L.A. rapper "Post Malone" was withdrawn from print by local mail service.


Post on post-Post Malone's career and goals was postponed from posting by postal service.

I want my rapper name to be 'Delayed Rambo'...

so that one day i can perform with A$AP Rocky.

What do Soundcloud rappers fuel their cars with?


What do you call a rapper who can fart in many different ways?

50 scents.

What do you get if you cross Groot with the rapper Fifty Cent?

About tree-fiddy

What a Jewish rappers favorite bread?


Have you heard about that new Native American rapper?

He calls himself Li’l Bighorn.

I am starting a new career as a “redneck rapper”.

Call me Lil Nas-car!

Post Malone may be a popular rapper, but have you heard of his long-lost cousin Ho Malone?

His most popular track is about some kid named Kevin who has to fight off burglars in his house.

What do you call an incontinent rapper?

Poo Stainz!

Spanish speaking rappers are so vain.

They always talk about themselves: yo yo yo.

What do you call a bunch of dying rappers?

Wuhan Clan.

Have you heard of the mumble rapper that died in jail?

He couldn't finish a sentence

What do ghosts, rappers, and programmers have in common?


My 83 year old grandfather is still trying to be a successful rapper, his name?

Two canes

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Who's your favorite underground rapper?

Mine personally is XXXTENTACION

My favorite rapper is 50 cent

Or as the British people now call him, 10,000 pounds.

Made this one up years ago....What do they call it when a psychiatrist and a rapper get together for a talk?

Shrink wrap!

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