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Three Irishmen are walking home after a night at the pub.

They're all a bit pissed, and decided to take the shortcut through the churchyard. As they pass the gravestones, one Irishman says to the others, "Look at this, boys. Ol' Patrick Flannigan lived 'til 85". Another of the men says, "Ah, that's nothing. Davie O'Toole is buried here. He lived to be 97."...

What did the Olympic size swimming pool say to the kiddie pool?

I can't be your friend anymore you're just too shallow!

Why did the kiddie pool have no friends?

Because it was too shallow.

Hillary Clinton goes to a gifted-student primary school in New York to talk about the world.

After her talk she offers question time.

One little boy puts up his hand. Hillary asks him what his name is.

"Kenny," he says.

"And what is your question, Kenny?" she asks.

"I have three questions," he says. "First -- whatever happened in Benghazi? "Second -- what happene...

I'm not sure churches are the best places for PokèStops...

a priest just asked me in and offered me a Slowpoke

Did you know R Kelly trained to be a violinist from the age of 6?

Even back then, he was an excellent kiddie fiddler

A genie gives a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead three wishes..

The only condition is that whatever they wish for, should be shouted out riding down a slide, and whatever they wish for will be waiting for them in a kiddie pool at the bottom. The redhead goes first. She shouts "Skittles" and she cannonballs into a pool of skittles. The brunette goes next, and she...

I'm planning on opening a store that sells string instruments for children.

I'm calling it 'Kiddie Fiddlers'.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Santa Claus is delivering gifts on Xmas Eve

Santa Claus's delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. He hops down the chimney of one house and sees a bare naked lady. The naked lady isn't all that hot and precedes to ask santa if he'd stay awhile. Santa replies "ho ho ho got to go got to deliver the toys to all the kiddies you know" and goes up the c...

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