fluffmufffumblebobbleblunderflubbotchbloopermess upfoul upmistakegaffeerrorhowlermisstep

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

bungle in the jungle

a lady journalist tracks down Tarzan , he consents to give her an interview. After a while she spots that he has a hardon. She asks him what he does for sex. He points to a hole in a nearby tree and explains that this is what he uses for sex. She took of her clothes and told him he was in for a trea...

400 passengers but only 200 meals were loaded onto a flight from Delhi to New York City (long)

It was only discovered after take off, when the flight attendants started going through their preparations for the meals. So, the airline had bungled, and the crew was in a fix. However, one smart flight attendant had an idea.

A couple of hours into the flight she nervously announced, 'Ladie...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A priest and a man went golfing

A man is playing golf with his priest, and not doing very well. After yet another fluffed shot, he swears "fuck, I missed!". The priest is offended, and remonstrates, but after his next bungle, the parishioner swears again "fuck, I missed!". "If you continue swearing like that," the priest warns, "G...

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