I'm out bird watching with Sinead O'Connor....

so far it´s been 7 owls and 15 jays.

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What did the bird watching sex addict see yesterday?

1 pecker 2 swallow, and 2 boobies.

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I suggested to a friend that we take up bird watching

He remained unconvinced until I showed him a photo of a nice pair of tits.

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I've recently started bird watching.

Ive seen some Great Tits.

A man goes to confession after bird watching

He says, “Forgive me father, but I have sinned. I went bird watching yesterday and used many bird calls.”

The priest says, “Son, I do not see how what you did was a sin.”

The man replies, “But father, I used fowl language.”

Me: Want to go bird watching?

Friend: Sure!

Me: *flips both middle fingers in his direction*

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When I was young my mom grounded me for having a file on pc with the name "boobies pics"

I never understood why bird watching was wrong

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When I was eight my grandfather told me...

There was this small pond in the woods and above it a fly was buzzing back and forth.

On the edge of the pond was a frog. The frog thought to itself, “If only that buzzing fly were a little lower I could hop up over the pond and eat it for my lunch.”

On a branch in the tree next to th...

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