I was diagnosed with antisocial behaviour disorder, so I joined a support group.

We never meet.

What does the antisocial, know-it-all frog say?

Reddit Reddit Reddit

I hate parties. Call me antisocial...

...just don’t call me.

Why did the antisocial ship sink?

Because it couldn't break the ice.

The other states are always a bit antisocial but

Hawaii’s always down to pop in and say Hi

I'm very antisocial

In fact, I'm probably the most social person I know

My antisocial brother just got fired from his job at the butcher.

He just wasn't meating enough people..

Last year I joined a group for antisocial people...

I wonder if I’ll ever meet them.

Bankers are so antisocial.

They're a bunch of loaners.

People used to think George Washington was antisocial.

But he just wasn't a party person.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How many antisocial guys does it take to change a flat tire?

Fuck you!

What do you call an evolutionary biologist that doesn’t like people?

An Antisocial Darwinist

Welp we got ourselves a new disease...

But suddenly a bunch of disorders don’t count as disorders anymore:
- OCD cleanliness
- agoraphobia
- antisocial personality

[OC]I have a black Asian friend named Bill Wong.

Bill has been my best friend all of my life since like 3rd grade. Recently, he met this girl named Emma Wong and fell in love with her. She is also a black Asian with the same last name.

To be honest, I’m kinda jealous. Ever since he met her he stopped talking to me and if I try to talk...

Friendly Crow: How was your family reunion?

Antisocial Crow: It was murder...

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