I can get almost all of my friends to do stupid stuff by simply saying, "YOLO"

It never seems to work with my Hindu friends though.

Do Buddhists consider YOLO offensive?

Asking for a friend

Someone: YOLO

Jesus: Ha ha loser

A kid says “YOLO” in front of his parents

“We thought we raise you better!” The mom gasped.
“We’re a Buddhist Family!” The father exclaimed.

Could we bring YOLO back?

No. It only lived once.

Because yolo

My girlfriend said; "take the condom off."
"Because yolo"
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"You only live once"
"Well" I said, "if you get pregnant then yoyo."
"What's that mean?"
"You're on your own."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Catholic priest, a Buddhist monk, and an atheist walk into a bar

The three sit down, order, and start chatting while enjoying their drinks, discuss why they believe what they do.

The Priest says "I try to live by the Word of God and love my neighbor as I love myself, showing my flock the same philosophy. By accepting this into my heart, I hope to earn my ...

Girls are always the first to say "YOLO"

Until I mention anal

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

who risked everything to explore asia and didn't give a fuck?

Marco Yolo

An older couple decided to try "swinging"

They'd both recently turned sixty and, what the heck -- YOLO. So they went to a swingers party and, to their amazement, connected with a very young couple barely past their teens. After an hour and a half of "play time" they got dressed and headed home.

"Well that was disappointing," he said...

Two chemists walk into a bar . . .

The first chemist asks for H2O. The second chemist says, "I will have some H2O, too." Then the second chemist says, "Ah the hell with it I'll have some C2H6O instead." Then the first chemist realizing he had failed to poison his nemisis says, "YOLO, I'll have some C2H6O, too." The second chemist...

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