Why does God hate Trig?

Cos it's a Sin

The goat and the Trigs

There once was a group of wanderers called the Trigs. One day, they came across a bridge crossing a large ravine. In the middle of the bridge was a goat. The leader of the Trigs, Hypot, decided he would go first to see what would happen. When he got half way, the goat walked up to him and kicked him...

I had a trig teacher that could never stay focused...

He always went off on a tangent.

I don't know for certain, but it could be a sine of something serious.
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My son used to be horrible at graphing trig functions.

Luckily he's made excellent sines of improvement.

What do you call a blind trig function?


I just got my math textbook for College Trig, and it’s a little emo

It’s called *I Write Sines Not Trajectories*

Do you know any maths jokes?

Yeah |ly|

When I was learning trigonometry my teacher explained the trig functions by referencing the unit circle. And when I asked about the unit circle she referred me to the functions.

I said miss this seems like circular reasoning to me

Jimmy approached his teacher

After looking at the syllabus for their next lesson on graphing, Jimmy approached his teacher with a stern look on his face and said, “I’ll do algebra, I’ll do trig, I’ll even do statistics, but graphing is where I draw the line!”

sin(x) + 2 = 3

It's a trig question.

My friend: Why do you only use one of the trigonometric functions?

Me: Just ‘cos

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Asian guy at my college

So I'm in college math class, and two new guys walk in. They introduce themselves as brothers, Ling and Ving. After a few days of talking, (Ving sits next to me) he says I can get help from him in trig if I answer him one question. I say, sure. (I'm bombing trig so I'd sell my soul to pass.) He asks...

ln(x) is hosting a calculus party....

and all the functions are invited. Some of them are radical, at least 1/3 of them are rational, and like all parties, there are a few odd ones talking to their imaginary friends. Amidst all of this revelry, ln(x) is talking to some trig functions, when he sees his friend e^x sulking in a corner.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I went to a high school with a set of Chinese twins...

In high school, I was in class with a set of Chinese twins named Ving and Ling. Me and Ving got along pretty well, she'd help me with my trig and I'd help her with English. One day she asked me for help on changing her name. She didn't like the name Ving because it was too stereotypical. I would pro...

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