Will transparent coffins ever catch on?

Remains to be seen

my public pool's showers has two different soap dispensers one is white and the other soap is transparent

i asked my life guard about the difference between them

he said that the white one is shampoo for hair

and the transparent is for the body.

me being bald i asked him: so i use one soap?

he was silent for a second while he looked at my body me wearing only my swimming shor...

What do you call transparent women’s underwear?


And what about men’s underwear?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

In the future Mexico became the wealthies, most transparent, most peaceful, most progressive, most developed and most prosperous nation in the Americas while the US became a 3th world shithole.

As such many Mexicans decided to move back to Mexico but among them there were also Americans trying to emmigrate. As such the border checks were supposed to make sure that those going in Mexico were Mexicans and not American immigrants.

A man aproaches the border and is asked: "What's yo...


As a child I always used to wonder how come I have two female parents. Now that I am wiser, it's TransParent.

They found a transparent octopus.

I guess you can say the little guy really knows how to clear his mind!

My dad felt he was clearly a woman

I guess that makes him TransParent

Apparently my alarm clock is transparent

I slept right through it

A man ran to the doctor’s wearing transparent plastic.

“Doctor, I think I’m going insane!”

“Well, I can clearly see your nuts”

Why is a genie's lower half transparent?

So you don't see their Djinn-itals.

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While playing superhero's with my friend he told me his parents were transparent

I replied: "You mean invisible?" He said "No, my mom's beard is growing faster than my dad's tits".

What do you call an LGBT mom who's invisible?


I don't believe in ghosts....

I think if they were real, they'd be more transparent about it.

When choosing between transparent and opaque.

Transparent is the clear choice.

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Transparent used to mean honest, clear, able to see through.

Now it means picking up tampons for Dad

Doctor, doctor, I can't stop wearing transparent underpants.

Well, I can clearly see your nuts.

My Dad said he wanted to be more transparent with me from now on

Now he’s my mom.

The company I work in is pretty transparent

In 3 month, there's about 4 cases of people running into the glass door.

I've started selling transparent urns, and I think this business could really take off.

Remains to be seen.

My kid recently realized that they were born in the wrong body.

Now, I fully support anything they need to do to feel more like themselves, but I never imagined it would affect my social life like it has. The teachers won’t see me, my friends act like I’m not there. Hell even the mailman hasn’t made a delivery in weeks. I never realized how hard it was to be a t...

Why was the ghost progressive?

Because he had transparents.

My girlfriend is pretty transparent.

It’s like she’s not even there.

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Did you hear about the government that decided to be more transparent?

It spent 3 billion on an office building made entirely out of glass.

If anyone tries to sell you a transparent driving wheel...

Steer clear.

What do you call a pregnant woman with a transparent belly?

A womb with a view.

It was a difficult conversation telling my son to call me dad instead of mom now

But I wanted to be transparent.

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This pasta has AoT level writing, by the time you get to the last line everything you previously read will get whole new meaning. Enjoy


>!gf is prego!<

>!we like to get kinky anyways!<

>!one night things get particularly saucy!<

>!i'm sticking my noodle in her when I notice weird fucking chunks coming out, so I turn on the lights!<

>!wtf it's red everywhere and she's ob...

Q: What would a Trans person be called if he/she has a child?

A: Transparent!

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Hillary will be the most transparent president ever...

... because she will have every state secret sitting on an insecure server in her basement. hahahaha *cry*

Kylie can see straight through Caitlyn's lies

You know. Transparent

A man wearing transparent underwear walked into a psychiatrist's office

The psychiatrist said, "I can see you're nuts"

A scientist tried to recreate the Chernobyl disaster using only transparent gases

It was a new, clear reaction.

I haven’t seen my dad since he came out as a woman

He is transparent

Did you see the news about the trans couple adopting kids?

It was *Transparent*

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My parents changed sex

Since both my parents changed sex, I can't see them any more. They became transparents.

My Mother informed me today that she now identifies as my father.

I thanked her for being transparent.

What do you call Caitlyn Jenner when her kids can see right through her?


I just heard there is a new term for 'kidnapper'

Its Transparent

Donald Trump is like top shelf vodka

Expensive, Transparent, and wouldn't be here if not for Russia.

My mom just told me she used to be a man.

I love that she's transparent.

What do Casper and Kylie Jenner have in common?


It’s clear why my mom makes so many dad jokes...

She’s transparent.

A guy comes back after a vacation...

He's in the airport when the custom agents stopped him.

"Sir, open the bag" said the agents.

The man obliges and opens the bag, revealing clothes, hygiene products and a small bottle of transparent liquid.

"What is this, sir?" asks one of the agents.

"Lourdes Holy Water, ...

Today my brother told me he was going to be a mom

It was a shock to hear, but I'm happy he can be transparent!

What do you call a daddy that used to be a mommy?


Caitlin Jenner Must Be Very Honest To Her Kids

She seems Transparent.

My trans child can’t see me.

It’s probably because I’m transparent.

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Jim walks into a bar with his arm in a sling.

He sits next to his friend Bill and orders two shots of whiskey.

Bill asks him, "How'd you break your arm, Jim?"

Jim downs a shot of whiskey and says, "Well, you see, about two years ago--"

Bill interrupts him, "Woah woah, two YEARS! You didn't break your arm two YEARS ago!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

After I changed sex, my daughter has been ignoring me..

It seems like I'm transparent

My father revealed to the me that he likes to dress in women’s clothing.

I still don’t understand it, but I appreciate his effort at being transparent.

Did you hear about the father who became a woman and disappeared?

He was transparent.

What's the difference between my real dad and recycled saran wrap?

One's the transparent piece of garbage and the other's a garbage, trans-parent.

Why can't Caitlyn Jenner's kids ever find her?

Because she's Transparent.

Obama, Trump, and Bush were tossing around a football

On one pass, Trump throws the ball too far and it gets punctured on top of the White House fence.

Bush and Obama yell at Trump, saying he always manages to lose or destroy the football.

After a few minutes of angry stares, a Secret Service agent goes to Trump. He gives him another foo...

Why can't you see Kylie Jenner's dad?

Because he's transparent

My son recently told me that he identifies as a woman

He’s planning on going through treatments to become a full blown woman.
I am 100% supportive of this and wish him the best with all of his decisions.

But, ever since he’s came out to me, I’ve noticed that people seem to not notice me.
It started small with people not seeing me and bu...

A citizen was cited for a tax investigation in the IRS.

Frightened, he asked his accountant how to dress.

-"Use rags, they'll think you're a beggar," the accountant replied.

When he asked his lawyer, he told him the exact opposite:

-'Don't let them intimidate you. Wear your best suit and most elegant tie'

Confused, t...

Why can’t Kendall Jenner see her father anymore?

He’s transparent

The two old-timers...

...were having a chat over the back fence.

"You know, Chester," said one, "you should invest in some heavier curtains for your bedroom window."

"Why's that, Clem?"

"Because the ones you have now are kinda transparent. In fact, last night I could see you making love ...

Why hasn't anyone seen Bruce Jenner in years?

Because he's transparent.

2 Transformers got married

Soon thereafter, they had a baby Transformer. But at that moment when they had a baby, they suddenly could not be seen anymore.

They had become Transparents.

A man walks into a psychologist's office..

A man walks into a psychologist's office wrapped head to toe in transparent cellophane...

The psychologist takes one look at him and says, 'I can clearly see your nuts.'

The majestic lion

Lions, as everyone knows, are the kings of the animal kingdom. Apex predators of the Serengiti, there are few who can stand steady in the face of their mighty roar.

Unfortunately for lions, however, they are rather limited in their mobility. When it comes to such places as ice, water, and air...

I cornered my dad “You like dressing like woman, admit it!” He was ashamed and asked how I knew?

He’s too transparent

My dad was honest with me about the personal change.

He was transparent.

So my my dad told our family that he’d always wanted to be a woman and that he was going to undergo the transformation.

I guess he just wanted to be transparent.

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