I trained myself to have lucid dreams every time I go to sleep.

It’s exactly what I imagined it to be.

I’m so good at lucid dreaming

I can do it in my sleep

Next time i have a lucid dream, i plan on looking down at myself unconscious

I'll see myself out

I got into lucid dreaming recently

its everything I imagined it to be.

I wish lucid dreaming was more controllable

Not the duration of lucid dreaming but the destinations I visit. I’m tired of going to McDonalds at 2am

A woman goes to the senior center to visit their father who has Alzheimer’s

She sees him sitting at a table by himself, staring vacantly out of a window. She approaches him, hoping longingly that maybe this time he’ll remember her.

She sits down across from him and asks “How are you today?”

His face lights up and he says “Actually I’m feeling great! How are y...

This one is special to me. My grandfather was a jokester all his life. About a month after he died, I had a lucid dream where I was talking to him, and imagined him telling me one last joke:

Me: "Pop pop, what is the afterlife like?"

Him: "It's hot."

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