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The sun is about to go supernova.

It's gonna be a starburst.

What's another name for a supernova?

A POPstar. HAHAHAHA. Living is pain. Unbearable. End me.

Got in trouble with wife last night....

I told her that if she was a celestial body, she would be a supernova.
She said "Because I am so hot?"
I shouldn't have replied "no, because you are expanding at an alarming rate."
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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

One of the best I've ever heard: "The Graveyard Couple"

Mr. and Mrs. Thompkins, who've been very happy together for 12 years, currently, are experiencing a phase of boredom and stagnation. To change things up, Mr. Thompkins gets an idea: Have sex in a near-by graveyard.

With a mix of reluctance and excitement, Mrs. Thompkins agrees and they go off...

Samsung will no longer use the name "Galaxy" name on the Note 7...

From now on, it's the Samsung Supernova 7.

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