TIL a doctor who specializes in Adam’s apples is a...


What do you call an Eevee evolution that specializes in melee?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Can anyone guess the company name that specializes in Prosthetics Assholes.


What do you call someone who specializes in selling insurance to hand models?

A digital security specialist.

I'm going to start a family business that specializes in handicap exclusive parking lots

I'll call it Park n' Sons

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I met a surgeon who specializes in sex reassignment

He's a real womanizer

What to you call a upscale restaurant that specializes in pork?

Swine dining.

(My daughter just told me this one and I told her I'd post it on here for her)

What do you call a wizard that specializes in raising horses from the dead?

A Neighcromancer

What do you call a vet that specializes in canines?

A dogtor.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What's the difference between a clock and a surgeon that specializes in penis reconstruction?

One's a tick tock, the other's a dick doc.

What do you call a scientist who specializes in ancient canine fossils?

A barchaeologist.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call a Canadian Prostitute who specializes in blow jobs?

A Leaf Blower

What does one call a dutch spy who specializes in chemical warfare?

Agent Orange

What kind of doctor also specializes in interior design?

A roomatologist.

My attorney specializes in fine dining...

He's a sue chef.

Did you hear about the robot who specializes in circumcisions

Real cutting-edge technology

I'm opening a grocery store that specializes in Swiss cheese and donuts...

... calling it Hole Foods.

My law firm specializes in grain futures contracts.

Barley Legal

What do you call a goblin who specializes in blood magic?

A hemogoblin

I started a figurine company that specializes in miniature Muhammad statues

We make a small prophet.

Someday I'll open a store that specializes in bedside furniture. The name of the store will be "One"

I figure it'll be the only way I'll ever have a "One nightstand."

I came up with a shoe company that specializes in selling oversize shoes

Which is no small feat

What do you call an Italian mobster who specializes in cold coffee drinks?

Al Frap-Pacino

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