How do you cut the sea in half?

With a seesaw (I'll see myself out)

There's a woman in the park sells batteries.

She sells C cells by the seesaw.

My wife's childbirth was like going on a seesaw opposite a fat boy.

I wish I'd been at the other end.

What’s a blind persons alternative to a seesaw?

A hearheard

what’s the past tense of seesaw?

is it seensaw or sawsaw?

A girl falls off the seesaw

and gets a splinter in her finger.
She runs inside and asked her aunt for a cup of cider,
Her aunt asks "why do you want a cup of cider?"
She replies "well, every time my sister has a prick in her hand,
she want to put it in cider"

The difference between a seesaw and a catapult?

An overweight friend.

Marriage is like a seesaw.

It's not fun if one of them is fat.

The village of idiots.

There is a village of idiots. Every month the village gathers in the town square, where 3 people from the neighboring town each bring in an object so,the town's folk can guess what it is. It's great fun for the whole town women, men, young and old alike join the festivities. The first person walks t...

Prehistoric math joke

In a certain tribe, in which polygamy was practiced, a married man’s standing in the tribe depended upon the combined weight of his wives-the greater the combined weight, the more important was the man. Every year, on weighing day and according to custom, the married men would stand their wives on n...

What's the difference between a teeter totter on a ranch and a donkey's grandpa?

One's a yee haw seesaw and the other is a hee haw peepaw.

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