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Why couldn't Czar Nicholas hear the revolutionaries at his door?

He was roamin' off.

Why do Electricians make terrible revolutionaries?

They know resistance is a waste of energy.

Why does nobody trust communist revolutionaries?

They always raise a few red flags.
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The country of Ohms is run by a brutal dictator.

Due to the suppression of their rights, the citizens of Ohms frequently rise up and attempt to storm the gates of the capital city. However, the dictator always has just the right number of mercenaries to repel the rebels and cause the survivors to disperse for a few months or so.

The dictat...

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times...

Yes, it was the middle of the French Revolution, and Robespierre and his revolutionaries had gathered up a priest, a member of the aristocracy and an engineer, packed them into a tumbrel and dragged them off to the square to the waiting guillotine.

First they dragged the priest up onto the pl...

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